Primatology (XYZ)

Software, for primates, by primates.

Paper Calculator is a free-form text calculator.

Software calculators are designed to look and feel like physical calculators. You enter one thing at a time.

This requires you to have the entire calculation mapped out in your head so you can enter the operations in the correct order.

It also prevents you from correcting mistakes. Whether that is a mistyped number, an incorrect order of operations, or missing parentheses.

All that can be fixed with a simple free-form text area.

You can see the whole calculation, correct mistakes, reorder the operations, and change values.

All your favourite mathematical operations are supported: addition, subtraction, mutliplication, division.

As well as more complex operatations like roots, exponents, percentages and factorials, and mathematical constants like e and pi. Conversion to radians is simple with the degree operator.

Logarithms get their day in the sun, with support for arbitrary-base logarithms as well as explicit support for base-2, base-10 and base-e logarithms.

Never to be left out, trigonometry has first-class support with sine, cosine and tangent functions, as well as inverse (arc), hyperbolic, and inverse hyperbolic flavours.

If your input cannot be understood, and an error occurs, an alert will pop-up to explain the problem, and present you with possible solutions.

Dedicated keys are included to navigate the text, including moving the cursor one character and a time, or moving the cursor between whole elements. As well as granular undo and redo.