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The Web is a Wild West.

Sheriff, for iPhone and iPad, enables you to protect your privacy in Safari, using Safari Content Blocker.

Sheriff gives you the tools to block JavaScript and/or Cookies on a per-domain basis.

You can either block all JavaScript and Cookies by default, and create rules to allow them on a per-domain basis.

Or you can allow all JavaScript and Cookies by default, and create rules to block them on a per-domain basis.

  • Synchronize your rules via iCloud to protect your privacy across all your devices.
  • Temporarily disable rules.
  • Optionally include subdomains for rules.
  • Show favicons for rules to quickly identify domains.
  • Sort rules alphabetically or reverse chronologically (newest to oldest).
  • Enable/Disable/Delete all rules.
  • Search and filter rules.

Sheriff Pro unlocks the power to block even more resources:

  • Documents (HTML, XML)
  • Images, SVGs
  • Fonts, Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Popups, Media (Audio, Video)
  • Pings, Fetchs, WebSockets

Sheriff Pro is a one-time, lifetime in-app purchase for $9.

Create a new rule, while never leaving Safari, in as few as 5 taps.

Open Sheriff within Safari via the action/share button, where you will be presented with suggestions for rules for the current webpage, including any rules that match the current domain.

When you return to Safari, Sheriff will automatically reload the page so any new rules will be applied immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Sheriff free?

Sheriff is free, for everyone, because privacy shouldn't be a privilege for only those who can afford it.

Are you selling the data generated by users?


Does Sheriff block all JavaScript?

No. Sheriff only blocks externally-loaded JavaScript. That is, JavaScript linked to from a webpage. JavaScript embedded into a webpage will not be blocked.

Sheriff is built upon Apple's Safari Content Blocker technology, which only blocks externally-loaded resources, like JavaScript and Cookies.

Is Sheriff an ad-blocker?

No. The goal of Sheriff is to help protect your privacy on the web.

JavaScript and Cookies are two of the main technologies used to track people online. The ad industry often relies upon these technologies, but is also the main culprit in privacy-invasive behaviour.

So, while Sheriff is not designed to block ads, ads may be blocked in practice.

Does Sheriff have a privacy policy?